Dr Marlet Tromp


‘’I can only recommend Dr Tromp's professional and understanding manner. It was only a pleasure to deal with her and in a sense, I can say that it was a life changing experience. She allowed me to reconsider and change the way I perceive certain people and situations and changed my thought process on how I deal with these on a daily basis. She has given new meaning to the phrase: "Be the change." Dr Tromp is highly recommended.’’

Craig Tappan - National Business Development Manager:  Mortgage Max

‘’Marlet is professional, she listens and understood me well, she worked at my pace and pushed me but in a positive way. I was extremely satisfied with the results. I have now been promoted to executive level. Her methods and techniques she use is smart and it easily blends with your needs. Marlet has made a massive difference in my life and I am grateful for this. I will certainly recommend Marlet to anyone who is eager to develop and grow themselves.’’

Dian Govender - Head of Customer Relations:  Global Telematics

‘’I would personally like to thank my coach Marlet Tromp for the great business coaching sessions.

The coaching sessions have changed the way I work. From the very first session, I used the skills and tools that Marlet Tromp taught me.   The coaching is very practical, and you will benefit straight away after the first session.  The results have been immediate, and I would recommend my coach Marlet Tromp to any business that wants to get their best from their employees.

Thank you, Coach Marlet for the professional coaching sessions that I received.’’

Hilton Silver -   Commercial & IT Manager:  Hoya Hill Optics

‘’I was definitely satisfied with the results.  The coaching did not only assist me at work but also improved communication at home and other areas outside of work. I will definitely recommend Marlet!! You have a definitive plan and know how to get to the end goal.  The sessions are structured and very specific, and I never felt at any point that time was wasted.  You conduct everything with such professionalism and compassion.  I would recommend you without any hesitation.’’

Marina Wiering - Financial Manager: Speed Space

‘’Thinking back, I remember remarking to someone that coaching does not seem like “work” for this emotionally intelligent woman. While interacting with her I soon became aware that coaching is a calling for her. Out of personal experience and from feedback that I received from the many corporate clients and individuals I referred to her, after completing coaching with her many years ago, it is clear that Marlet treats people with care and respect. She has a sincere desire to help them with her open and nurturing disposition. I sincerely recommend Dr Marlet Tromp to any person who needs assistance with managing work in a corporate position or managing life on a personal level. She is qualified to assist people in overcoming challenges.’’

Corlie De Witt - Labour Consultant: Private Practice

‘’ I was pleased that our coaching program referred to both my professional and personal growth. The sessions were inspiring and focused.

My results were realized earlier than I thought. My strategy in life was redesigned with me as the driver and Dr Tromp assisting with the blind spots and reality checks.  I am at ease to share with the world my coaching experience with Dr Marlet Tromp due to the results I have yielded. The consistent and caring relationship gave the assurance that I was dealing with a professional who will be able to assist in shaping my future. I have since developed professionally and served in the various public sector and private sector boards.’’

Palesa Kadi - Executive Manager Strategic Services: Film & Publication Board 

‘’I want to thank you for our sessions; they were really helpful during a stressful time.  You helped me overcome the various challenges at the time and I managed to achieve great things. I decided to do coaching to help me overcome my negative thoughts and being overly hard on myself; this previously hindered my performance at work and left me with lots of anxiety.  I was pleased by Marlet's ability to help me put things into perspective and the tools she provided me to help me deal with my perfectionism. I would recommend Marlet as a Coach, because of the gentle and yet direct approach to helping her clients.’’

Emmanuel Makhele - Structural Engineer: Aurecon