Dr Marlet Tromp


Marlet’s logo represents the key elements of her approach to coaching. For her, coaching involves building and reinforcing foundations in a person’s life. If the foundation of a building is correct and strong, the building cannot crack or crumble. Similarly, according to her approach, if foundations such as cognitive thought patterns, emotions, behaviour and habits are correctly established, there is harmony and synergy in a person’s life. All the areas - work, leisure, family, finances and spirituality – then link together seamlessly. A fault in any part of the foundation causes a ripple effect of problems to all areas of life. Marlet as a caring, well trained and experienced coach looks deep enough to define the fault line and blockages. She helps the client to eliminate these and re-establish a healthy ripple effect.

Her logo therefore symbolises the healthy foundation on which the strong building of a harmonious and competent life is erected, and the interlinking colour nuances in the logo imply the ripple effect between core areas in the client’s life. Marlet’s coaching provides a way to correct and strengthen the foundation and establish a healthy ripple effect, but the responsibility for change and growth remains with you, the client. It is your life and your destiny that is at the centre of the coaching process. With the professional support of your coach you can affect the necessary change and growth.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller